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If your workload grows beyond what your estimating staff can handle, what are your options?

1).  Hire an additional full time person, negotiate their wages and train them to work within your system which locks you into additional overhead and the accompanying taxes that come with it. During this time you are still missing out on the additional bids you are trying to capture. You may not see your first real bid for a month.

2).  Use an outsource estimator who has already been trained, tested and who’s experience is specific to the drywall industry. You are now able to quickly get those rush jobs done, fill a void  in your estimating department or add to it or could even use that estimator or estimators to become the estimating department you lack. And since we are not an employee, you are not paying taxes on us, the service we provide is an expense that you can deduct on your tax returns just like you do for any other subcontractor.


We are not your employee. We are a contracted service provider and our fee covers all of our expenses including our own computers, estimating systems, printing and office supplies and overhead. With us you do not pay for workman’s compensation, medical or employment taxes nor do you have to pay for holiday or sick leave as you do for you employees. You can also take a tax deduction for our services as we are a cost of doing business. With all of this factored in, we actually save you money, not cost you money. 

Honestly, your own employed estimator has far more access and is privy to more confidential information than we will every have. Your control of information with us is far better than it is with your own employees.

We don’t know who your competitors are and we do not want to know. Once you contract with us on a particular project, we guarantee to provide our services to you and only to you, we guarantee complete confidentiality to our clients. The reverse is also true, our services are on a first come basis, if you happen to come to us with a project which we are already involved with, we would have to respectfully decline.


Yes, no, maybe. There are no guarantees in bidding. What we do know is you will be able to bid more jobs and therefore you should win more jobs.

We provide bids for small business owners, individuals and for drywall subcontractors only. We do not provide our services to general contractors.

Absolutely,  once we receive your bidding documents including the plans, specs, addenda, RFI’s and other information relevant to your bid, we can supply you with an hourly cost or a not to exceed quote by the next business day.

That depends on the size of the job and what type of information you provide us with. If we receive all bidding documents including the plans, the specs, all addenda and RFI’s, our normal turnaround for a quote is 1 day, not including weekends.

Once we have provided you with a quote, we require 50% to get started on your bid. When we are complete with your bid we will schedule an online meeting to go over it with you and make any final adjustments. We will show you all the documents we used for your bid along with the cost recap sheets showing the bid amount you will send to your vendor.

Once you are satisfied, we will ask for the remaining 50% and immediately send you all of the documents electronically.

Yes, you know your suppliers better than we do.  We would like to have a quote from your equipment supplier and your material supplier.
To make it easier for you, we will supply you with a complete material list with quantities, ready for you to email or fax to your supplier. When you receive it back you just need to forward it to us and we will finish pricing your bid, and you will have the record of your quote from you supplier should the need  arise.

If you do not have a specific vendor or if this is new to you, we can get quotes from the suppliers in your local area for you. Keep in mind this may increase the time it takes to complete your estimate which may affect the final cost of your quote.

Once we have completed your estimate we will schedule an online meeting to go over the bid and how we arrived at our number. During this time we will review and you can make changes to labor pricing, overhead and profit or any other items that you would like to include. In this meeting we will answer any questions relating to you bid and we can make modifications according to your specifications. Once we are complete with the meeting we will send you all documents that were used in your bid.
We will keep you bid active for 7 (seven) working days, during that time you are free to contact us about your bid or to make any necessary modifications.

Please note: Final electronic or hard copy documents will not be released until payment has been made in full.


We are not able to provide you with a 100% guarantee or warranties on any project estimates. Unfortunately no one can, no estimating process is perfect, not even your own, as it is just that, an estimate.  What we can guarantee is that our estimators all have extensive knowledge in estimating, specific to drywall, and who also have actual field experience in the areas they are bidding as well as recurring training  on the estimating platforms they use.  We are very thorough in our estimates and are very successful with them but we cannot compete with stupid. If one of your competitors completely misses something or chooses to be intentionally low,  this will appear to make us high when we are actually the correct bid. 

We do not carry liability or error and omission insurance. Error and omission insurance is expensive and would greatly increase our expenses which would directly affect our pricing to you considerably. We strive to make you as competitive as possible but still have to work in the same playing field as everyone else. You yourself most probably do not carry this type of insurance for your own estimators as doing so would price you out of the market.

Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of the project.

Small commercial projects such as a dentist’s office or a one floor tenant finish are typically completed in one day or less.

Multi-Family project and Build-Outs are more complex and require a very detailed examination of all wall and ceiling types, U.L. listings and specifications.

Build-Outs may take one to two days while Multi-Family projects, depending on their size may take up to four days.

These are just basic estimates of time, once we receive your documents we will be able to give you a cost not to exceed price on your project.

Any specific information that you provide that helps us understand the project more readily will help us reduce the cost of our pricing to you.

Please contact us to discuss pricing. We can work by the hour, by the project or on retainer.

All of our estimates are prepared using the latest version of The Edge Estimating System and a database specific to your companies specifications.

All of our estimates include:

  • –  Recap Sheet
  • –  Stock Sheet broken down by floor
  • –  Consolidated Report showing labor and material before taxes.
  • –  Summary Report showing selling costs by L/F or S/F
  • –  Material Fax Report listing all materials read for you to send to your supplier for material pricing.
  • –  A proposal with inclusions and exclusions clearly listed, in word format, ready for you to put on your letter head and forward to your client
  • –  Access to our personnel for Pre or Post bidding questions or for RFI preparation or review

We invoice and receive payment through PayPal.

Depending whether the project is steel stud framed or drywall on wood, we will need various documents from you.

  • – Architectural Plans
  • – Structural Plans
  • – Mechanical Plans
  • – Specifications
  • – All Addenda
  • – Any RFI’s you have
  • – Your local tax rate
  • – Your insurance rates
  • – Your overhead and profit rates


All of these documents can be provided as PDF’s or you can provide a link to the online document folder.

Note: All bid requests must be submitted and approved at least 5 working days prior to the actual bid date.

All of your information is kept in the strictest confidence, we do not share information.

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