Why Outsource

Why should you consider outsourcing? Quite simply, Money.

Our team of estimators, plus our estimating software and system are why we are the preferred drywall estimating services. Our pricing includes all equipment costs, training, and continuing education.  Hiring us is just like hiring an employee, but with many additional advantages. Our team is extremely experienced and well equipped so there is no need for you to invest in additional office space, equipment, or training for a new full or part-time estimator. The best part of this for you is we are an independent contractor and that means you will not have to pay the additional costs of an in house estimator. Costs like health coverage, labor burdens, unemployment, vacation days, sick days and retirement, all of which are associated with adding traditional employees. And, since we are not your employee, you can issue us a 1099 like your other subcontractors and can now deduct that from your taxes. Win Win. 

Whether you need a single bid, need to catch upon some promised bids or you may even be thinking of outsourcing your entire estimating department, Drywall Estimating Services is here to fill that need. Run your business your way, we are here to help, we will never get in the way.

Drywall Estimating Services has helped others stay competitive, we can help you.


Your competition is using outsourcing
Shouldn’t you?

Please call us at (303) 339-0011 to discuss your estimating needs or email us at:  support@drywallestimatingservices.com

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Our Mission

To strengthen and empower companies and individuals who choose to make their living in the drywall industry. We value honesty above all and sincerely want to give back to this industry that has served us so well.